Sered Hosting | Advantages, Prices, Plans and Opinions

Sered Hosting. Web hosting in Spain. Sered is a hosting company that was born in 2007, however, it was not until 2009 when the company became known in more generalized aspects. On the other hand, the company has become a leader in the offer of hosting services due to the ease of access in terms of its rates.

Also a point that has been in favor of the platform is its incredible sense of good service. Their clients assure that they can give 90% acceptance to the company.

Sered Hosting

Features of Sered Web Hosting in Spain

The first thing you should keep in mind is that the company resides in Spain, in this way it gives greater accessibility to your project. They also offer their services to all countries in the world.

Economic savings

Unlike other pages, the financial savings that Sered provides is abysmal. In this way, the company allows the migration of databases and even entire pages. All of these actions can be carried out at no additional cost, making it easier for your pocket.

You get hosting in less time

Another point in favor of the company is the time to obtain the domain and subsequently the hosting. In this way, in less time you can begin to organize the site according to the conditions required. In this sense, Sered offers the possibility of building your own digital platform in the shortest time possible. However, this condition does not apply to dedicated servers.

Location of strategic servers

Sered servers are strategically located so that users can count on positive results in all aspects. That’s why you can find them at:

  • Madrid
  • Canadá
  • Barcelona

Security before everything

Customers can trust the company in an unthinkable way, due to its high security system. Each of the services available at Sered is capable of immediately eliminating any risk of plagiarism, attacks or SPAM by third parties. Even this possibility does not include an additional cost to the service package.

The best technical support

Hundreds of the company’s customers say that Sered’s technical support is the best in the world. One of the most important details of the company is that they can be contacted 24 hours a day.

In addition, they have several channels to communicate with them. It can be through email: or you can also contact the Sered telephone line to resolve any questions regarding the company.

Sered Hosting Costs

To start a new website, Sered is a good option due to its low costs. In this sense, the company offers the possibility of purchasing a monthly package that does not exceed 4 euros.

sered starter pack

This service offers the possibility of paying 2.95 euros in a month and includes payment for subdomains so that users can largely choose their options. Additionally, you can also get 5 email features and SSL certificate.

Sered Basic Package

This is one of the Sered packages most sought after by customers, in this way it offers the possibility that users can pay 5.95 euros per month. Likewise, it allows the registration of a free subdomain, the affiliation of 10 subdomains and 25 email accounts to work on it.

Medium Series Package

If your case is that you require 15 GB of space, you need to purchase the Sered Medium package. In this way, you can have accessibility when saving databases for only 10 euros per month. You’ll also have unlimited subdomains, a registered domain account, and SSL certification. You won’t even have limits on the number of emails to use.

Advanced Sered Package

For 45 GB of space, you need to turn to Sered’s advanced package, since you will have the opportunity to get your own domain, an unlimited number of subdomains and a greater space in the number of emails. You only have to pay 16 euros per month and that’s it, you can obtain greater benefits in terms of Sered’s specialized services.

Is Sered worth hiring?

If you are one of the people who loves to be sure of the decision you are going to make, it is important that you read below. Just as some basic Sered prices were previously shown, the company is also a leader in offering good deals with its users.

The scope of what you want to achieve depends on the needs to which the user is going to adapt. Otherwise you will not be able to find a solution regarding the use of Sered.

For its part, the company has demonstrated that it is one of the most economical alternatives in terms of business hosting service, and thousands of users have recommended its use due to the good technical service provided by the company’s workers.

Reviews about Sered

When creating your own site, you must find the options that really suit your needs. That is why Sered offers more benefits for people who are starting out in the world of hosting.

In addition, you have the possibility of obtaining several subdomains to streamline the account and allow greater interaction on it. In this sense, there are several pros that many users value when purchasing the service:

• They have an SSL certificate

• It has an easy-to-use panel to install various web media such as WordPress.

• You can count on an unlimited webmail box so you can leave your impressions on the site without any problem.

• Manage operating tutorials for people who are starting their project in the digital world.

On the other hand, Sered is one of the most secure internet account hosting providers in the world. The company’s ability to remove potential files that could destroy the website allows its customers to feel comfortable purchasing Sered plans immediately and not be afraid of possible loss or leak of important data.