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The Best Hosting for WordPress. If you have decided to register on the internet, you should know everything about Web Hosting, a very useful tool that will help you in many areas.

The development of a Web page is mainly driven by the creativity of the developer and the relevance of its content, but the Web Host will be a fundamental pillar.

The Best Hosting for WordPress

Read carefully each of the sections of this article so that you can choose wisely which will be the type of Web Host that your page would merit.

What is a Web Hosting? We explain it to you in detail

Let’s start by exemplifying how this service works, let’s say you want to rent a house; This house must belong to a real estate agency and everything inside must be yours.

It is logical that you must pay a rent and perhaps some additional ones if you want to access the services that the real estate may have for you. Well, having said that, it is easier to understand what is a Web Host? Let’s name the roles in our example.

The house is the space on the server, the real estate is the Hosting service that you will use and the services are tools that provide this type of server.

Understood this, the Hosting Web, is not more than the rent of space inside a servant, who provides an amount to you of memory in a physical computer; This space allows the correct operation of your website.

In addition, the service gives you the guarantee of availability of your page, allowing that each time a user enters it, I have access to everything that you intend to provide. We must add that this task generally depends on a computer that must be on 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

This allows the page to remain active, achieving greater interaction by being available at all times, this computer is known as a Web server.

Normally the server of a Web Host is connected to the internet by a broadband, generally much wider than any that you can have at home. This combination of factors ensures that both the server and your page remain active, guaranteeing data backup and interaction with users.

How does Web Hosting work?

Taking into account the example that we have left you a little above, we can say that Web Hosting is one of the Web page operation tools that is capable of providing the most benefits to any content creator.

The operation of this, consists of the storage of the files of a page in its database, this data will be available for everyone who enters.

This is achieved through the uninterrupted operation of the Web server, the service provider will be in charge and responsible for this being so. We could explain the operation of this service as a file explorer, the files are stored in folders, which would be the representation of the pages.

Once a user enters a search data, which would be the reference to the address of the page, the server will provide all the files that shape it. So we understand that Hosting works by hosting the composition files of a page so that they can be available on the Web without problems.

Additionally, it is necessary to mention in this section that some Web servers host tools that facilitate the loading of data and the creation of Web pages.

This in order to provide the client with a simple creation method, which should allow the Web server to function a little more efficiently.

Different types of Hosting

There are many ways to access a Web Hosting, each with its advantages and disadvantages and with a certain quality of service, which must be considered by the contractor. You must analyze each type of Web Host according to your interests, remember that each type of Host can provide characteristics that can enhance or practically cancel your page.

Therefore, it is necessary that you study the possibility of using a Hosting service that adapts to your page and allows you to carry out the idea that is in your head.

Shared Hosting

This is one of the most widely used types of Web Host, especially for its economy, allowing the maintenance of the server to be shared among users; An advantage is the fact that costs are saved, especially since it does not deserve to pay for physical or digital maintenance on your own. Read more…

Professional Hosting

Professional Hosting is nothing more than a service that is provided by a company with recognition in the area of ​​Web Hosting and that provides certain security to its users. It is considered an advantage that this service is generally more stable, providing a good percentage of uptime. Keep reading…

VPS Hosting (Virtual Private Server)

A variant of Shared Hosting that offers a guaranteed amount of resources, providing power and flexibility; one of its main advantages is that it does not diminish the functionality even when other pages deserve more resources. Keep reading…

Cloud Hosting

This type of Web Hosting is one of the most up-to-date methods, allowing data to be uploaded to a cloud that provides resources upon request; quite a suitable option for high demand pages. Keep reading…

WordPress Hosting

This type of Hosting is one of the most specialized, because it is dedicated to function as a single Web host of pages created with WordPress; This tool offers this integrated possibility, but it must be explored because there are different options. The Best Hosting for WordPress Continue reading …

Dedicated server hosting

This type of Web Hosting is one of the most suitable for those pages or applications that merit excessive data traffic; allowing the user to have the full range of services offered by the Web server. Keep reading…

SEO Web Hosting

In the case of this type of Web Hosting, the most relevant quality is that they propel the page in such a way that the positioning is almost automatic. Allowing the use of different IP for the pages that are fed back. Keep reading…

Windows Hosting

The usefulness of this Hosting is based on the language in which your page is made, generally this type of host is used to host Web pages created in MSSQL. Windows will provide you with a tool that will facilitate the operation of the Web, all this taking into account the programming language of the page. Keep reading…

Linux Hosting

Unlike the previous case, this type of hosting provides you with a greater utility of tools, especially if your page is created with services such as MySQL or PHP; it usually provides better compatibility with applications like WordPress. Keep reading…

Drupal Hosting

This Hosting allows you to use files written in MySQL, regardless of the operating system of your computer; You can use this Web Host, rated as one of the safest today. It also provides total flexibility. Keep reading…

Joomla Hosting

Most of the Joomla type Web Hosting, allow that the Web pages created with this tool can be loaded easily; additionally, it provides confidence, allowing users to create and modify their websites with complete peace of mind. Keep reading…

Magento Hosting

They are a series of Web Hosts that facilitate the operation of commercial pages created with Magento; making them much faster; this type of host tends to be a bit more optimized, providing better performance for commerce websites. Keep reading…

Difference between Hosting and Domain

We must know the definition of these two terms in order to understand what the function of each one is, therefore, we will make a brief introduction before differentiating them.

Web Hosting is a designated storage space for information and data on the operation of your website and that also allows these to be protected. In the case of the domain, it is the Web address designated to your page, understand it as an identification, with which the user must be redirected to the data that is stored.

Knowing this, we can differentiate these two concepts, the main difference is the one we have already mentioned, the use, which are not connected in any way. In addition to this, the domain is responsible for directing the user to the different IPs that issue the composition files of the pages. Keeping our example in mind, the house you have rented must have an address so that people can visit you.

That address would be the domain, which can be changed and modified without the need for your files to change servers, therefore, they are such different concepts. To make it easier to understand, the domain can be considered as the gateway and the Hosting as the decoration of the room.

The Best Hosting for WordPress

There is a large number of Web Hosting options, each one offers certain characteristics that can benefit the positioning of your Web. The range of Web pages that are created today is so wide, that it could be said that the Web Host list provides a place for each and every one of them. Find out which are the best companies that have the best hosting for WordPress.


One of the Hosting services, considered in this way for the economic of its services and its price-quality ratio, this service is optimal for registering simple pages. A great option for those developers who use WordPress or Joomla, providing manageability and the possibility of optimal operation of the pages. More information about Hostgator.


One of the main most recognized Web Hosts that exist, with a presence in more than 200 countries and currently with a Spanish-speaking impulse. This Hosting service is recognized worldwide and has been the winner of different awards as a Web innovation tool.

It also has a fairly large backup, determined by the number of pages it hosts on its server and by the amount of available time they have.


This is one of the most complete Hosting services, being able to offer different options, capable of adapting to the needs of its consumers. A service that has its operations center in the United States, but that provides service to pages all over the world.


One of the web host services offered by the aforementioned Cloud Hosting, an ideal option if you want to develop your page with WordPress or any tool. It works with MySQL, FTP and PHP, in addition, it offers most of the Hosting services, you can review the section and find out about their offers.

It is one of the services that maintains the longest uptime, due to the online availability of its customers’ data, something very interesting.


This is one of the Hosting services that can provide you with a domain, making your work much easier, an ideal tool for any developer. The budgets for using this service are quite good, if you have a tight budget, you can review the offers of this service.


This Hosting service has developed in Spain and has offices in this country and the United States, it is a very useful tool for Latin American developers. It offers very good prices and a number of its own services that makes it keep within the tops of the best Hosting services.


One of the services considered as of the new school, it has different types of Hosting and provides very good performance to its customers. This type of host is considered to be ideal for those who want to apply SEO in Spain, because their IP addresses belong to this country.

It is backed up outside the country to guarantee the functioning of the Web even when the main server fails, a help that is greatly appreciated.


An ideal option for those who require or expect a greater growth of their website, especially due to the fact that this service is very up-to-date. It allows you to change plans and make modifications very easily, and offers you an almost perfect uptime, with 24-hour service.

Factoria Digital

A team that offers you a large number of elements to provide you with a Web Hosting of 10, their service plans are quite optimal for any developer. It allows you to host pages of any type and gives you technical advice no matter what your problem is, they have an uptime of 99.9%.


This service has positioned itself very well due to the quality of its services and its offerings that can be extremely tempting. Considering that many of their basic plans offer what the competition could show as a pro plan, something that is economically interesting.


With its offerings of applications for creating pages and its compatibility with tools such as WordPress, this Hosting is considered among the best. It offers business services and personalized pages, with a very good security index and one of the most intuitive authoring systems on the market.


A fairly simple and intuitive Hosting service, as very good packages if you want to create a small website that does not deserve a large amount of resources. In addition, it offers prices that can be ideal for those who are entering this world, with great tools attached.


Hosting service that has existed for a long time, with very good tools and excellent compatibility. One of the main characteristics of this service is the versatility it provides to the user, being able to offer a service for the creation of ingenious and traditional websites.

Characteristics that you should look for when choosing a quality Hosting

Selecting a quality Web Hosting is not that simple, you must consider the offers and advantages of the Host you are selecting.

There are also many factors that must come together for the service to be optimal for your company, blog, store or application.

Technical service

Although it may seem silly, the technical service for the performance of a website is very important, especially when there are problems. Ideally, you should have a technical service that is trained to respond more quickly to situations of chaos.

This is so important to mention because just as there are Hosting that offer you technical service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, there are others that take days to respond.

Available space

This is something quite basic, you must know how much space you need to determine what type of Hosting is most suitable to have your website. You must manage the possibility of using a shared or a dedicated Hosting according to the demands of your page, remember that space has a lot to do with speed.

Take into account the expectations of your website and the possible visits, something that is essential to know if they deserve a service with high or low storage space.

Domains and subdomains

If you want to create a main website and attach, for example, a store, you must manage the availability of domains and subdomains that allow you to perform this task. Especially considering that it is difficult to generate reliability if your pages jump from one domain to another and they have no relationship with each other.


This is something quite important, especially if your page has to have a user database or something like that. You can check the type and frequency of backups made by your Hosting service, this is necessary because failures can cause data loss.

In addition, backups are backup methods that take up space, therefore, you must take it into account.

Control Panel

Commonly known as cPanel, this is a tool that allows you to manage the data and the domain of your page, this is something extremely useful. In addition, this panel is considered as the heart of your Web, almost all the information that your Web has you can handle with this, therefore, its absence is somewhat chaotic.

Return guarantee

You must bear in mind that many Hosting services offer things that they may not be able to fulfill, all with the aim of gaining subscribers. Therefore, you must take into account the money-back guarantee in case the service does not meet your interests or at least with what they offer you.

Other services have a service policy that guarantees you a refund in case the service goes down indefinitely, something that can be a good guarantee.

Page loading speed

Most users have very little patience, this is something that page developers have in mind all the time. Therefore, if you use a host that does not provide fast loading, it is a bit obvious that visits are going to weaken exponentially.

Keep in mind that Hosting services have to guarantee the quality of the load, but also the weight of your page has to be adapted to the service.

Development application support

This is closely linked to the ease of your work as a creator and developer of the pages, many hosts have compatibility with these services. Those that do not have it should be considered as more specific tools, especially those that merit specific languages.


Those hosting services that offer security against cyber attacks such as hacks are noteworthy, it is something super important to protect your data. You must handle the offers of anti-hacker measures and the possibility of compatibility of the service with your own additional security services.

Attached applications

Consider that many Hostings offer improvements for your pages with applications that are included in the package, allowing your page to be more attractive. This is something very interesting if you want to create a more interactive page or with more innovative options, applications that can be very useful.

How do I choose the best Hosting for me?

Well, taking into account the aspects that we have mentioned above, choosing a Hosting service for your page is something super simple.

It includes to the criteria that we have explained some details that must be important to achieve a better operation, such as the reason for creation and projection. It is necessary that you specify these details because many services have problems to migrate to servers that provide better service for you.

Therefore, if you intend to develop a page that possibly increases the resource requirement, you must manage a «Hosting service» that facilitates the migration. If, on the other hand, you project the growth of your page more quickly, we recommend that you access a Hosting service that is suitable for this.

Free Hosting

Free Hosting is one of the most efficient options, if you want to register a page for a project in which you do not aspire to great results or you want to try this world. You can use it as a tool for visualization tests before uploading the final project to a Hosting service that deserves a payment.

Free Hosting List

The Best Free Hosting for WordPress. We have made a selection of some of the free Hosting services that you can access, take into account the qualities of each one to decide whether to use it.


This hosting company has not been in the market for a long time, although its moderators have more than 10 years of experience in this service. Counting on a free Hosting service that you can use normally in an unlimited way and turn it into a paid Hosting when your page deserves it.

They offer you a very interesting package, of which 1GB of space and 5GB of monthly transfer stand out, the fact that it has no advertising and the availability of a cPanel.

In addition, its service is compatible with various types of Web development languages, with compatibility for WordPress, something quite interesting. On the other hand, the availability of the service is immediate, without the need to register paid data or any additional charges.

SW Hosting

This is a slightly simpler Hosting service, which also provides compatibility with WordPress and other development tools. Their offerings are 0.5GB of space and unlimited traffic, they may not be the widest, but they are enough if you only want to create a simple page.

It is relevant to note that it gives you a cPanel, a very important feature considering that it is a free Hosting service. Migration to paid hosting services is quite simple, therefore, you should not worry if your website grows more than you thought.


This is one of the services that can be considered as lower performance, of course, depending on the page you want to register. It can be a great option for those who want to make offers, invitations, momentary announcements and those kinds of things that tend to be on time.

You must manage the space with enough care because they only offer you 10 MB and 1.5 GB of monthly transfer, it can be minimal depending on what you want to do with the website.


A very useful service thanks to its compatibility with WordPress, although it has 250 MB of storage and 6 GB of monthly traffic. It provides a good number of tools and is one of the few free services that has a cloud hosting. It also has quite a considerable bandwidth depending on the reason for creating the page, you can contract with your page in a short time and without additional payments.


This service is quite simple, being able to provide a small base to support the foundations of your Web page, it can be ideal for testing. One of the things that does not make it so striking may be the absence of a control panel, an issue that can complicate the handling of the page.

Most users recommend it because of the speed of the service, it will take around 5 minutes to get your page ready.


This is a very interesting service because it facilitates the creation of the page, in addition, it is completely compatible with web creation tools. This service does not include Ads, so it is quite useful to create personal pages with a free service, it provides a fairly simple access, in a few minutes you will have your page. It gives you 1GB of storage and 10GB of traffic per month, which is quite tempting for any web content creator.


A service that works perfectly as a paid one, with some differences in the availability of space and band, something considerable depending on the page. You must bear in mind that this service offers paid Hosting in case it is necessary for you; something that facilitates the change of plan of any page that deserves it.

In addition, it provides an unlimited free service, that is, it does not provide tests or you will have a time limit of operation without canceling. Many users certify that this service stays uptime for longer than others, something that increases its usefulness.

You will have 1GB of SSD storage and 5GB of monthly traffic, something great because of the security of this service, great idea as free Hosting.


The amount of space offered by this free Hosting service is a bit logical, but the truth is that it is 5GB, a fairly high rate (if not the highest).

A fairly large space, allowing you to create your page and use a good amount of space to make records or keep copies of your page files. In addition, it offers 20 GB of transfer per month and the possibility of installing 3 Web pages, it is compatible with most CMS, something very useful.


Developed in English, this service is useful for any developer, providing 1GB of storage and 5GB of monthly traffic and an additional 30MB for a database. A very useful tool and with a wide functionality for Web developers, it is necessary that you manage the space intelligently.

Does free Hosting work?

You must understand that sometimes free Hosting may not be a great tool if you want to drive a page with high resource requirements. But if on the other hand you want to experiment with the creation of pages and try some elements such as the design and creation tools, it can be very useful.

Free Web Hosting is quite broad, some services provide tools for the growth of your page without the need to pay subscriptions. On the other hand, free hosting usually includes shared hosting services, so the operation of your page can be a bit slow.

But the truth, we could say that this type of Hosting works as long as they do not deserve a large amount of space and navigation band.

How does the free Hosting service work?

Generally, this service is given through small partitions on the servers of large Web Hosting companies, which provide this service to win customers. The small amount of space offered by some of these services means that the CPU and processor requirements are not so high.

In addition to this, the services are quite optimal, allowing users to register their pages with great ease and without the need to make large expenses.

In economic matters, the fact that they are free does not mean that you should not «pay», in many cases the system adds Ads to the Web that has been created. This is the way in which Hosting services are considered paid, something quite simple if you consider that some offer quite abundant space.

What are the limitations offered by a free Hosting?

Free Hosting can be very useful, but sometimes the fact of the amount of space and other features it provides can be detrimental to the pages.

Storage space

Depending on the reason for creating your website, the space must be considered as one of the limitations of this free service. You should bear in mind that many services offer you space to upload your page, but the management of additional data can be more abundant.

Loading speed

Many times, free Web Hosting services are of the shared hosting type, therefore, you must manage the possibility that your website has less loading speed.


Although this is one of the most common Marketing tools worldwide, it is quite logical that you do not want to have unauthorized advertising on your page. Above all, if it has nothing to do with the theme of your website, which can become annoying for your readers and end in a decrease in visits.

Traffic limit

We know that this is essential for the operation of any website, therefore, having such limited traffic can lead to saturation and page fall. Not counting the number of times users must try to enter to even see your page and all the problems that this entails.


Typically, most of these providers provide subdomains for web page publishing, which can be visually annoying. Especially for users to be able to remember perhaps the name of the provider and not the page, having to search among millions of pages of the same provider.

Advantages and disadvantages of hosting your website in a free Hosting

This is a very interesting section, we must mention a large number of things that can be beneficial or harmful for your page.

Let’s start by talking about some of the advantages, among the main ones is the possibility of being able to do tests within the world of web pages. In addition, it offers the possibility of uploading your page to view it and make corrections, it saves you a little money by allowing you to make blogs of little relevance.

Free hosting is quite useful when it is necessary to create temporary blogs such as discussions between friends or notifications, such as party invitations. It becomes the ideal method to create small pages, such as blogs to share interests or publish information about a community.

You should also know

We must highlight the obvious advantage of this type of service over others, which would be the fact that they do not merit expenses, being an ideal option for beginners. Considering the disadvantages of this type of Web Hosting, we must start by talking about space, something quite necessary when you want to have a relevant page.

In addition to this, the fact that security is not guaranteed must be considered, many of these servers can be automated, something that does not prevent hacks. This type of service is very exposed, it is also remarkable the fact that the uptime is really unpredictable, if the server is damaged, it can take several days.

This is detrimental to the growth of any web page regardless of the theme it develops, the absence automatically generates loss of interest.

When is free hosting interesting?

We have previously mentioned some of the utilities of this type of Web Hosting service, but in addition to those, there are many others.

Functionality Test

Well, we had told you about the fact of being able to carry out tests, let’s delve a little into this, the tests are necessary to know the operation of the page. In case you are just starting out, they may require constant testing, this is because a website does not look the same in design as it does live.

Therefore, this is one of the most common utilities of this type of service, something smart if you do not want to pay several months of subscription just to test.

A taste of great services

Most of the services that offer free Hosting, are actually companies that specialize in this service, therefore, they are temporary tests. Although many companies offer 15 or 30 days of free trial before hiring their services, others implicitly oblige the hiring.

The most ideal thing is that once you have tried the services of the company, make the hiring, in this way your page will remain active and with more security. We must end by recommending that you access the Web Hosting service that best suits your needs, being able to choose a paid one or a free one.

The truth is, this service is not that expensive and the value for money of some companies is very interesting, remember that this service can help you position yourself.

The Best Hosting for Paid WordPress

Paid hosting is the most recommended for multiple reasons, if you plan to create a website for a company or a personal blog, it is recommended that you have a paid service. Here are the best paid hosting services:

  • Hostgator
  • Godaddy
  • 1and1