Hosting Hostgator | Advantages, Prices, Plans and Opinions

Hostgator reviews. Hostgator is one of the most popular and in-demand web hosting systems in the online world. It is one of the most recommended systems for WordPress and gives you the possibility of publishing on your websites in a simple and fast way.

It is said to be one of the best hosting providers and has excellent references from all users. Likewise, in relation to its operation as a company that offers a hosting service, it also provides you with all the tools so that your domain has excellent performance and your positioning increases.

Hostgator Reviews

It has a notable balance between quality and price, since it offers high quality services and, in the same way, despite the quality of its services, it has very accessible prices for all users.

Why choose Hostgator?

It is a web hosting services company chosen by many types of businesses, including webmasters since it has the advantage of reliability. Thanks to all its characteristics and the experience it has had for years in this specialty, it has positioned itself among the main places in the market.

It hosts more than 9 million websites, has more than 200,000 users around the world and its reviews are based on the comments and references of all its clients.

Hostgator Important Features

Now that you know what Hostgator is and how it works, and the importance it has in the technological and virtual world, below we will mention its most relevant features. Join us!

Critical performance

These critical features allow sites under WordPress or Joomla to function to meet your needs. Among these examples we name: PHP processing, MySQL database, CPU capacity, etc. For this and many more reasons it has been selected as one of the best hosting for WordPress.


One of the most important features that has made Hostgator rank at the top is its speed. Evaluations have even been carried out to determine this and it has turned out that the websites hosted by this company work twice as fast.

Unlimited benefits

When we talk about unlimited benefits we are referring to the bandwidth and the space that the disk has. Which represents a feature of interest for all those users looking for a web hosting site.

Domain transfer

It offers you a wide, secure and fast domain transfer, without interruptions during processing and with excellent results.

Renewable energy

They fulfill their functions through the use of renewable energy, such as wind power. Therefore, it represents less energy consumption, in addition to not affecting the environment as much. It is said that the technology it uses consumes much less than other hosting systems.

Technical service

It puts at your disposal qualified and trained personnel to offer you technical services and advice 24 hours a day. Respond to queries and technical advice by any means (chat, email, telephone, etc.). It also has user guides, in case you are one of those who wants to solve everything on your own.

Hostgator support in Spanish

Although the original support service is provided in English, it also offers you support in Spanish, making it useful and easy to understand. However, this support in the Spanish language is extremely limited, making it complex at times.


It offers a period of 45 days, so it is a longer period, since there are 15 more days for returns than the usual 30 days that we already know.


It offers 99% activity without interruption, according to references from users who have benefited from this company for 2 to 3 years. Very little user reported downtime.

What are the types of services that are available to you?

The main services that Hostgator offers can be found on their main website. The great advantages of this hosting service depend on the services it offers to its clients and their quality. Among these we highlight:

• They offer unlimited domain hosting services as well as enterprise plans.

• They have storage that ranges between 25GB and 75GB.

• All plans include free website creation and also offer unlimited email and data transfer.

• It offers you a Professional Plan with which you can obtain a free and private SSL certificate.

• VPS servers (with RAM from 1GB to 4GB, storage from 60GB to 165GB)

• Windows and Linux dedicated server (with 4GB to 8GB RAM, 10TB to 20TB broadband and 0.5TB to 1TB hard drive)

• Hostgator cPanel easy to access and manage

• It also offers domain registration and many more services distributed in different plans.

References and user opinions regarding hosting

If you do a search regarding the opinions of users of this web hosting provider, you will see notes that are very varied. However, 75% of users have rated its services very highly, so it is a service with a great reputation and reliability.

I have read comments from users who specialize in Hostgator reviews and who are users who are very satisfied, in addition to the fact that it is a type of host chosen by webmasters, which gives it a positive point and a seal of quality.

Their references and their large number of users is what makes you think that their services are very good since who is going to want web hosting that hinders and delays the functionality of their web pages? Nobody, which is pretty obvious.

Not all hosting is appropriate for some web pages. There are specific accommodations for each site. So, WordPress users also recommend using Hostgator as a web host.