Bluehost Hosting | Advantages, Prices, Plans and Opinions

Bluehost Features. Bluehost is said to be one of the best and most popular web hosting providers. It is common to see a provider in the first places in the ranking of the best hosting services in the world and this is because 24 years of services and their quality have not declined.


It has a demand of approximately 22,000 new users per month, so it has millions of domains under its control. For this reason, Bluehost is a great alternative for those looking for a web hosting provider.

Are you looking for hosting and don’t know what services to hire? Don’t worry, in this article we will guide you and provide you with the information you need to know about this web hosting company.

What does Bluehost offer?

All the services that Bluehost offers are of excellence, and their servers are reliable and work well. You can find multiple packages with specific features and specific prices.

• Shared Hosting: has services distributed in three packages: Starter, Plus and Business.

• VPS Hosting: has services distributed in four packages: Standard, Improved, Premium and Ultimate.

• Dedicated Hosting: it has services distributed in three different packages, which are Standard, Enhanced and Premium.

• Cloud sites.

• Bluehost WordPress.

Important Features of Bluehost

Now that you know what Bluehost is and how it works, what all its services are and the importance it has in the technological and virtual world, below we will mention its most relevant characteristics. Join us!

Critical performance

Some hosting services force you to create and manage websites with limitations, based only on the tools they provide. Features like limited storage reduce your performance and therefore your success.

Bluehost offers great features at different levels (basic and advanced). One-click installations and server optimization (especially for WordPress) are some of its great features of interest.

Domain, control panel, MySQL, PHP

The packages offered by Bluehost include domains at no cost. It also has unlimited bonus domains, PHP, Bluehost cPanel with great settings and features in its interface, with easy-to-use menus and access to many applications (it also has a web-based file manager) and MySQL databases.

Additionally, through the web file manager you can upload different files, as well as download them via FTP.


We all know that browsing speed and performance play an important role when it comes to hosting services. The presence of robust servers, with large RAM memory.

The presence of SSD drives allows for greater stability in navigation and longer loading times. Bluehost constantly updates its systems, making its technology the most advanced.

Bandwidth and disk space

All packages have differences in these features and increase progressively depending on the plan. Bluehost offers you up to 120 GB of disk space and unlimited bandwidth. For example, the basic plan offers 50 GB of disk space and unlimited bandwidth.

Website Builder

The platform has thousands of free templates that will help you create web pages. You don’t need experience, just imagination and creativity. It has the easiest page builder and is packed with many features.

SSL Certificates

Bluehost hosting offers free SSL certificates to ensure the security of your website and the protection of your data. These allow changing your url to indicate that it is secure. They encrypt the information of both you and the users who access your website, protecting their information and preventing the diversion of information to third parties.

What are the advantages of using Bluehost Hosting?

As we mentioned above, Bluehost offers quality services that guarantee the success of your website. Due to its relevance, we will present some of its advantages:

Technical service

It puts at your disposal qualified and trained personnel to offer you technical services and advice 24 hours a day. Respond to queries and technical advice by any means (chat, email, telephone, etc.). It also has user guides, in case you are one of those who wants to solve everything on your own.

Spanish support

Although the original support service is provided in English, it also offers you support in Spanish, making it easier to use and giving you technical tools to use. However, this support in the Spanish language is extremely limited, making it complex at times.


It offers 95% of activity without interruption, according to references from users who have benefited from this company for 2 to 3 years. It doesn’t have any major crash issues and there is very little downtime reported by users.

Easy to use

It is an easy-to-use web hosting service because it comes pre-configured. This is quite beneficial since not everyone has prior knowledge of this field.

The ease of use of the control panel is what is important. Through cPanel you can make configurations, modifications, domain administration, etc. It is an easy to manage tool for multiple applications.


It guarantees a 30-day refund as other hosting companies routinely do. It does not accept charges, it is responsible when it comes to returning the money, so it is highly reliable.

User Reviews and References on Bluehost

Around 70% of Bluehost users agree that their services are really good. Most of their users opt for the most basic plan and have seen great results during their website development process.

Likewise, users who have up to 23 domains hosted with this provider have also made their satisfaction known. On the other hand, their customer service and support is excellent and with immediate attention. Their rates are affordable for what it is worth.