WordPress Hosting

WordPress Hosting is a solution to create web pages. It is a content manager that is installed on the server so that you can create your websites quickly and without complications.

WordPress Hosting

It serves not only to create simple websites, but also complex ones. There are many companies that seek and enjoy WordPress services since it is a sustainable project, easy to use and with available documentation.

WordPress Hosting Details

WordPress Hosting consists of a type of web hosting with an included configuration that offers high performance and provides security to the sites created with this content manager.

This type of service offers web optimization as an image optimization plugin, automatic update systems and magic cache. All these tools are in last generation servers (SSDs) renewed every 2 years to guarantee the quality of the WordPress Hosting service.

Advantages and disadvantages of using WordPress Hosting

WordPress Hosting is the main software of choice for creating web pages. Currently there has been a significant increase occupying 33% in sales in the market and replacing other similar services. Here we will mention the main advantages and disadvantages of using WordPress:


• Easy installation: It constitutes a simple server, in fact no experience is required for its manipulation. Since the updated panels offer automatic installation (both from the web files and the database).

• Ease of management: It constitutes the ease with which you can place an image, change a text, edit a page, etc.

• Constant technological advance: There are many people dedicated to achieving WordPress development by performing activities such as programming plugins, developing templates and suggesting improvements which determines a great evolution in the long term. It is a great system that has exponential growth.

• Provides SEO positioning: It is one of the factors that the evolution of WordPress has achieved through the installation of plugins (such as Yoast SEO).

• Growth of useful areas: Previously it was only used for blogging. Today, thanks to the proliferation of advanced plugins, your blog can become a success with recognized content. Which makes the use of this web tool effective in multiple sectors.


• Problems derived from continuous technological advances: They constitute a great problem at a technological level, especially if the installations are carried out by neophytes in the field. WordPress consists of 4 elements: the platform, the plugins, the chosen theme and the content of the web.

For example, plugins advance rapidly and in some cases produce incompatibilities between different elements which will inactivate the system and stop working.

• Problems when updating the web: Problems with the recaptcha (consequence of incompatibility of plugins), problems when updating woocommerce (the images of the products stop showing), among others.

• Vulnerabilities: Because WordPress is a free and open source system, the source code can be available to many people.

They can have bad intentions and can analyze you and get these vulnerabilities. A default installation may occur that may be more at risk due to greater access.

• Limitations of the «amateur mode»: When you want a website and you do not know how to do it, you will get a website made by an amateur, this can cause problems (sometimes) that require more professional knowledge.

• Heaviness of the platform: It is a heavy platform, which translates to the slowness of your website (especially when plugins are loading, which is necessary). This heaviness is exacerbated when we find ourselves in app as online stores with an infinite number of products.

• Difficulty in troubleshooting malfunctions: Detecting malfunctions is a process that requires a lot of time and effort. It is for this reason that supports must be hired that can deal with problems of this type.

• Half developments: If you require a website that works as this option will not be convenient for you, since WordPress does not cover specifications.

What should I look for when opting for a WordPress Hosting?

Indeed, like any tool that offers services, it has factors or characteristics that help you select the best web hosting service. Among the main factors that you should look at when hiring WordPress hosting services are:


It is essential that the hosting service guarantees all system security measures such as protection through antivirus, firewall, etc. It is essential to ensure that the content of your website is safe and free from viruses and information leakage.

Load speed

Speed ​​is a determining factor in your positioning. Thanks to the speed with which users can access your website, you can improve your positioning and SEO. In the same way, it is pleasant for users and guarantees a high quality of service.


It is necessary to have a website that remains active and with a reliable and quality service. The accommodation service must guarantee the maintenance of the service and avoid falls or cuts of the same.


Automatic backups must remain hosted on a different server than the one active in your hosting plan. This in order to guarantee the backup of your data storage.

Technical support

It comes with technical support that comes from a specialized and trained team that adapts to different levels of knowledge. It constitutes a fundamental role since most of the companies that provide this type of service store important information. In addition, it offers technical support 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Control Panel

It constitutes a means of control through which the user manages the server and allows access to all its characteristics (domains, emails, files, databases, etc.). There are many types of control panels (Cpanel, Panel Ferozo, etc.) that even adapt to the language you master and that are designed for different operational systems.

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