Windows Hosting | Advantages, Prices, Plans and Opinions

Windows Hosting. For many years it has dominated hosting services in the market. Windows as a hosting server operating system is newer compared to Linux. It is also based on software that has technical support and updates at specific times.

It is part of the most sought after operating systems. Windows Hosting has the advantage of supporting a framework that has high performance.

Windows Hosting

One of the main doubts faced by users who require web hosting is the selection of the correct operating system for their hosting server. Windows is the operating system par excellence for hosting companies.

What is Windows Hosting?

The Windows web hosting type is used for projects that are carried out under Microsoft technology (such as ASP or ASP.NET) or in certain cases where Access or SQL server is used as a database.

It has a 99.99% performance guarantee, it is useful for any type of company looking to connect to the internet on its first website. It is ideal for bloggers, small businesses, web developers.

Advantages and disadvantages of using Hosting for Windows

Unlike Linux, Windows has a much more complex structure. It is an easy-to-use operating system with a graphical user interface. Generally, users are responsible for managing hardware resources and, in turn, receiving notifications from the system where they can install them independently.

However, it has a certain percentage of errors that pose a security risk. Next, I will briefly mention the advantages and disadvantages of Windows Hosting:


• It is easy to use and manage, so it can be controlled by people without experience (management is done through graphical user interfaces). This makes it the most commercial in the entire market.

• Access hardware drivers easily.

• A feature that is a great advantage is the support of the high-performance framework ( It also has exclusive applications such as SharePoint/Exchange

• Microsoft tool is the most indispensable model for all Windows hosts. This is because it is a framework that has many demands in terms of web development, application development, domain code ratio, etc.

• It has a lot of other people’s apps.

• It takes care of system updates in a very simple and automatic way.

• Has excellent problem resolution through system recovery and has guaranteed long-term support.

• It goes hand in hand with a great team of developers who facilitate the development of servers and systems that are responsible for Windows hosting.


• It is more expensive, you have to pay to use it.

• It is one of the systems with the most bugs and frequent security flaws, one of the possibilities is that it is one of the most used worldwide.

• Its stability is not very good, as is its performance. Since it has a high consumption of resources compared to other server systems.

• After an update requires a reboot.
• Requires a specialized administrator for high-level configurations.
• Malware with high vulnerability
• It has major erroneous results on users.
• The system is not public.

Tips for choosing the best Hosting for Windows

When hiring hosting services, it is necessary to study your requirements. You must keep in mind that just because you have Windows installed on your computer, you should not opt for this type of Hosting.

A bad choice will generate a lost investment. There are internal comparisons between hostings, which can make you take bad alternatives, always be guided by the use that is going to be given to it.


It is necessary to opt for web servers that provide faster loading speeds in web pages, in order to satisfy user navigation and achieve better SEO positioning in the main search panels. This, in turn, occurs thanks to hardware, SSD disks and software (with configuration of cache systems).


It should consist of automatic updates and security measures that include anti-piracy rules to prevent infiltrators within your website that put your information at risk.

24 hour technical support

You must have quality, personalized technical support, guaranteed, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. They should even provide you with advice by phone, via email and, in addition, they should be connected to your computer via TeamViewer (to optimize problem resolution and improve communication with your client).


The plans must include one or more domains (.es or .com) depending on the web hosting plan contracted. Free migration In certain cases they will require the transfer of your data due to a change of server.

Specialized technicians must take care of the complete and flawless transfer of your web content. Make sure to ensure the integrity of your data storage.

When to choose Windows Hosting?

The choice is based on the need for infrastructure and tools. For example, if you need to work with a Microsoft product (such as .net, ASP, MSSQL, Access, etc.) it is necessary to have a type of hosting to achieve optimal operation.

Additionally, you can work with applications that use PHP and MiSQL. Website visitors will barely notice the difference between WordPress that is installed on a Linux server and one that is installed on a Windows server.

When we talk about web hosting servers, Windows is one of the most useful alternatives for both servers and personal computers. The operating systems offered by Windows have good features and also a web hosting operation.

Hosting Windows hosting servers can be customized, and even in conjunction with VPS, dedicated or cloud hosting. It can be run from any content management system, this means that no matter what website you want to run, you will get solutions.

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