Joomla Hosting

Through Joomla Hosting you can create amazing websites and blogs. It is the second most used content management system worldwide. It is a platform that is characterized by its flexibility and allows you to create a large number of websites without complications.

Joomla Hosting

It offers great website building services that are of great interest to webmasters, bloggers, and online business owners. Joomla is a platform that allows you to run a website through modifiable modules by which you can publish images, articles, different files, etc.

What services does Joomla Hosting offer and characterize?

Joomla Hosting offers through its system an endless number of necessary tools to make your website stand out, create great web pages and begin to position yourself within the competition. It is a platform that guarantees good operation through modules.

Free domain

Through Joomla it is possible to include the registration of one or more domains (.es or .com) that can be obtained for free depending on the plan that was contracted.

Web migration

The specialized and trained technicians are in charge of fully mobilizing the content of your website, guaranteeing the preservation of your data.


Plugin review is performed to determine if there are server vulnerability risks. It includes protection through radical security measures that ensure safe websites.

Technical support

Customers are provided with full technical support that comes from a trained and experienced staff. They provide assistance and advice in various ways in many languages. They have an exclusive forum for clients dedicated to answering all kinds of queries (regarding configurations, modules and components, plugins, templates, errors, etc.). In addition, it offers support 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.


Speed ​​is a determining factor in your positioning in the main search places. Thanks to the speed with which users can access your website, you can improve your SEO positioning. In the same way, it is pleasant for users and guarantees a high quality of service.


It is programmed with servers optimized with SSD disks with a high percentage of speed, under PHP language and MySQL as a database.

Advantages and disadvantages of using Joomla Hosting

As we have mentioned previously, Joomla Hosting constitutes a web system that allows you to create and manage websites through modules without the need for knowledge. It is used both for private pages and for blogs, forums, institutional pages, portals, etc.

It allows you to classify, manage and publish content and, in turn, position ourselves to facilitate your search on the internet. It can handle any aspect of a page from the physical aspect to the interaction with users. Next I will cite the advantages and disadvantages of this content manager:


• It is an easy-to-use, free software with an open source code that you can modify

• The web assistants provide you with advice when installing this platform.

• It has an excellent web performance that can be extended through plugins and other available components.

• It constitutes a flexible service since it allows working with various types of websites such as blogs, institutional, corporate, personal websites, etc.

• Allows the installation of personal templates.

• Thanks to its great capabilities, it can be useful for e-commerce stores.

• Updates are carried out constantly, for this reason it constitutes a solid project that guarantees long-term progress.

• It is managed through menus, modules or blocks and widgets (with drag and drop dynamics).

• It has a large administration panel through which you can manage and take control of content, pages, etc.

• It has a guaranteed, personalized, available and trained technical support ready to answer your questions and help you solve your problems.

• Provides a Google-friendly site by using SEO and increasing the loading speed of web pages.

• It can be used by different types of people regardless of having knowledge in programming or web development.

• Supports SSL certificates to provide a secure browsing site.

• It is trained to process online payments through credit and debit cards. For this reason, it is useful for e-commerce pages and online stores as mentioned above.

• Through cache settings you can optimize the speed and performance of web pages.


• If, for example, you want to create a professional blog, this is not the best option for you. There are content managers like WordPress that can be more useful.

• Lacks tools to create professional blog whose content requires comments, reputations, labels, etc. It is useful for basic blogging.

• It is not so extensive in relation to templates and plugins.
• The control panel is overloaded with options, creates confusion for users.
• It has a not so advanced level of SEO optimization.
• It is a popular system and, therefore, highly attacked.

Why is the Joomla content manager different?

It is a platform that is made up of multiple performance updates that have custom settings. «Joomla Hosting» is intended to provide a configuration for web sites based on this platform.

It allows your users to focus on the quality and content of their web pages. While it takes care of SEO positioning, performance, uptime, updates, security measures, etc.

The servers have specific settings that prevent errors from forming and offer optimization for all your applications.

When should I use Joomla Hosting?

It is a content management system that offers flexibility and freedom of choice. In the same way, it gives you the possibility to configure several websites, they can be blogs, review sites, professional portfolios, virtual stores, job posting sites, among others.

When it comes to flexibility, it refers to the fact that it has the ability to work in different environments that have different characteristics, as we saw in the previous paragraph.

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