Drupal Hosting | Advantages, Prices, Plans and Opinions

Drupal Hosting. One of the most secure content management systems is known as Drupal Hosting and is made up of professional developers. It is a system that gives you the possibility of creating your website.

The hosting plans are designed to achieve high scalability and make the most of all the tools this platform offers. Drupal is a platform that has open source and is very useful for companies that think big such as companies, governments, educational institutions.

Drupal Hosting

It should be noted that this type of content management systems (CMS) is used by platforms such as Pinterest, MIT and NASA to create integrated marketing efforts, management systems, intranets, social media extension, among others. Likewise, communication companies also use Drupal to create their websites.

Why choose Drupal Hosting?

It is a stable content management platform that is characterized by its flexibility and ability to create any type of website. It has a wide creation catalog that ranges from simple portfolios to e-commerce pages. It is made up of thousands of developer features and is a beneficial and useful platform for programmers of different levels of knowledge.

In addition to this, it has impenetrable security which translates into extreme protection of systems against all threats. Drupal complies with OWASP standards which, in turn, is combined with the optimal security offered by the servers, guaranteeing a satisfactory Drupal Hosting experience.

It is a platform that is created taking into account SEO positioning, therefore, it guarantees greater online viewing with SEO exposures included to achieve greater scalability and positioning in the first search results so that you can enjoy a web page with a high percentage of traffic.

What services does Drupal Hosting offer?

Drupal Hosting offers through its system an infinite number of tools necessary for your website to stand out and begin to position yourself within the competition. It is a platform that gives you all the options to achieve the success of your website.

Custom Dashboard

Control panels are managed by hosting providers, they provide a dashboard with GIT integration and the latest versions of PHP.

Quick run cache

The loading speed of web pages plays an important role both in the satisfaction that the user obtains and in their level of SEO positioning. This depends, to a large extent, on the type of Hosting service you hire. Thanks to Drupal Hosting you will be able to choose web pages whose access is fast.

CloudFlare Integration

It is an extra component that adds greater speed and security to your website. Includes DDoS, firewall and CDN protection benefits. Firewalls are an answer to obtain greater protection against threats and attacks.


It is a platform well known for its flexibility in content management systems, offers a wide variety of modules and provides the option for customization. Through Drupal you can create and implement different functions to your website to enhance it.

Optimized servers

It refers to uptime and performance. It assumes perfect performance with a high percentage of uptime. All servers are HTTP/2 enabled, providing further security optimization, as well as the latest version of PHP and MariaDB.


It provides the possibility of mobilizing all the content stored on your website in an easier way if that is the requirement you require. This occurs thanks to a tool called Installatron managed from the control panel.

24-hour expert technical support

It has technical support that comes from a specialized and trained team, they even provide assistance and advice by telephone in several languages. In addition, it offers support 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Dedicated storage

All your information is in dedicated storage, meaning you don’t have to worry about shared resources as they won’t be affected by the actions of other users.

What are the characteristics that make it different?

Drupal Hosting is a service that stands out for its great optimization in uptime and performance. It offers a pretty solid foundation for your web pages (or online businesses). It has technical support and internal monitoring with automated updates.

As I said before, it has the installation of HTTP/2, PHP and MySQL. Therefore, it is impossible to think that using this hosting service you will not be able to achieve the growth of your website.

Every day, developers and corporations strive to improve and increase content and look for ways to interact with visitors. Thanks to these great updates, Drupal-hosted websites will not become obsolete.

Why is it said to be a flexible content management system?

It got this name because it has the ability to work in different environments that have different characteristics. For example, you can run this type of Hosting on Windows ensuring proper functioning. However, it is said that if you want to obtain better results it is preferable that you use this hosting on Linux.

On the other hand, Drupal’s source code is open and this means that developers can modify and adapt to the needs of their clients. That is why it is one of the most recommended CMS for large web pages and business pages.

It offers you the possibility of creating custom modules that will allow you to convert your website into whatever you want. It also creates modules for community platforms to ensure you don’t need any other content managers.

When to use Hosting for Drupal?

It is a multipurpose content manager that allows you to create, update and manage pages. It can be used in applications such as online newspapers and community portals, e-commerce, corporate websites, personal blogs, social networking sites, discussion forums, intranet applications, libraries and archives.

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