Dedicated Server Hosting

A hosting with a dedicated server refers to a service that allows greater control of the web space and greater exclusivity. It is important to differentiate very well the many hosting alternatives that different companies make available to you.

Dedicated Server Hosting

Dedicated server hosting has that name because, as its name indicates, it is dedicated to a server or several servers for the exclusive use of a client (webmaster). It is of great importance since it offers the advantage of choosing the operating system and the different applications that you can install on your server or servers.

The real question comes because we do not know the true use of this hosting. Dedicated servers are the most chosen modality thanks to the fact that it is an exclusive option and entrusts its provider with the specific issues of operation, equipment maintenance, continuous hardware maintenance, etc.

What is the dedicated server hosting service?

It consists of a type of «rented computer or computer» that is used for the purpose of providing services dedicated to web hosting and other web-related services.

It constitutes a wide difference with shared hosting which shares resources between unlimited numbers of clients, while dedicated servers do not share anything but the resources are exclusive and made available to a single client to be used for the purposes for which hired the service.

Advantages and disadvantages of using dedicated server hosting

Dedicated servers are tools for web use that have different purposes, they can provide quality and exclusive web hosting services. However, like all services they have their pros and cons. Next, I will cite the advantages and disadvantages of this service:


• Thanks to the fact that it is a dedicated service, the client who hires this service has exclusive utility and can have as he wishes all the resources offered by the system.

• The configurations of the server (or servers) are adapted to the needs of your client.

• Offers greater control of your web space, server applications and offers you security, individuality and exclusivity.

• It has physical maintenance of the equipment, hardware maintenance, security updates, etc. That can be done with great ease and guaranteeing greater control.


Like any good service, of quality, with an exclusive service and with excellent performance, it requires a high cost, which can be much higher compared to shared hosting. This is mainly due to the fact that the machine requires a monthly cost and, in the same way, it is associated with the need to contract services that are responsible for the configuration and administration of the server.

What are the resources and their components?

When we talk about hosting with a dedicated server we create an imaginary visualization of the element we are talking about. But it is worth establishing the physical characteristics that make up this server.

1. CPU

It constitutes the digital brain, that is, the central data processing unit. It is intended to carry out all kinds of logical operations made available to the user so that he can manipulate and access the information he seeks.

2. RAM memory

It constitutes an operation memory within which the user’s information is stored. It greatly influences the speed of data processing, that is, the larger the RAM, the faster the data processing.

3. Hard disk

This is the component in charge of storing a large number of elements (documents, images. Videos, music, files, etc.). The highest percentage of server information is stored on this disk.

4. Operational / operational system

It constitutes the computer software. Through it, resources are managed and user-program interaction mediates. The most common operating systems are Windows, Linux, DOS, Mac, Unix, etc. Hosts with a dedicated server generally have Windows or Linux operating systems.

5. Control panel

It constitutes a means of control through which the user manages the server and, in turn, allows access to all its characteristics (domains, emails, files, databases, etc.). There are many types of control panels (Cpanel, Panel Ferozo, etc.) that even suit your native language and are designed for different operational systems.

6. Data transfers

It refers to the amount of files or data that is moved through the connection lines (each time we load a URL to perform a specific search, the data transfer begins). Another example of data transfer is that which occurs through email.

At what point should the dedicated server be used?

There is no specific time depends, to a large extent, on the customer’s selection. However, it is recommended to use these services when you have a fairly large website, with high network traffic and with a fairly significant consumption of resources in relation to those that are allowed in shared hosting.

When we start managing our website, it is recommended to use shared hosting because it requires little investment and because it is the most suitable for low-traffic websites. However, when the development of your website increases and acquires the aforementioned characteristics, another type of hosting is recommended that provides greater support, support and security.

Most likely, when your hosting company detects your overuse of resources, it will recommend the change of plan to ensure a better optimization of the activity of your website.

Dedicated server security and support

It provides security measures for all the pages hosted on the hosting, protection with firewalls, backups and antivirus. In the same way, it comes with a support that constitutes a fundamental role since most of the companies that provide this type of service store important information. In addition, it offers technical support 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

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